At Handy Tenant, we know the struggle of dealing with time-consuming maintenance requests. Not only are they a hassle for landlords but tenants as well. That’s why we’ve created an online tenant troubleshooting and maintenance platform that provides a comprehensive list of video and written how-to guides to help tenants accomplish necessary maintenance tasks themselves.

Our Story

Matt Johnson grew up in Idaho’s beautiful Treasure Valley with a grandfather and father that worked as realtors and property managers. As a child, Matt enjoyed riding around to the properties and learning and helping with property maintenance and repair. By the time he was thirteen, Matt was painting vacant apartments and doing lawn maintenance at his father’s managed rental properties.

After the conclusion of his college education and several years in the finance industry, Matt went to work full-time in property management. After over fifteen years of taking, handling, and assisting with thousands of maintenance calls and tasks per year, Matt was inspired to create a platform that can educate and empower tenants to perform basic maintenance and repair themselves - added to the inspiration of assisting his and other property owner clients in owning more profitable property investments. From emergency situations to preventative maintenance to energy savings and more, Handy Tenant covers it all.

Our Mission

Handy Tenant was designed and built for Landlords, Property Managers, and Tenants alike. We exist to achieve two goals. First, Handy Tenant is designed to educate and empower tenants with the information and instruction they need to be able to troubleshoot and fix basic repair, maintenance, and cleaning tasks.

Second, Handy Tenant is built for Landlords and Property Managers as a daily tool for saving costs, time, and resources by eliminating basic maintenance and repair service calls, and providing superior customer service to tenants in repair items through its well-designed application tools.

For Property Managers that provide in-house maintenance and repair, Handy Tenant will only enhance their in-house service by eliminating the most basic maintenance and repair service calls. These service calls are usually charged to frustrated tenants by property managers leading to poor online reviews, and property owners typically complain about charges associated with these basic or tenant caused service calls.

About This Website

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