Gone are the days of waiting for your landlord or property management company to address basic maintenance requests or being charged for lease required maintenance. At Handy Tenant, we will educate and empower you about property maintenance and repair with our comprehensive list of video guides that will help you accomplish necessary tasks.

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These include:

  • Replacing Light Bulbs & Batteries
  • Basic Appliance Repair
  • Dripping Faucets
  • Running Toilets
  • Bathroom Caulking
  • Simple electrical issues
  • Minor Plumbing Clogs
  • Drywall Holes
  • Energy Savings Tips
  • Pest and insect control tips
  • Emergency maintenance tips

Become Your Own Handyman

Don’t be intimidated by property repair. Handy Tenant provides informative and easy to follow videos that walk you through simple fixes. With a comprehensive library or guide that covers the most common issues you’ll encounter with your unit, you can become your own handyman in no time! 

As a Handy Tenant, you’ll get an individualized maintenance schedule for important reminders like changing the batteries in your smoke detectors. You can also create new work orders for your landlord and include important information your maintenance crew may need.

With Handy Tenant, you’ll have the ability to 

  • Stop our videos and continue your progress later on, no matter your device.
  • Easily find related videos with helpful phone numbers you can call for service.
  • Add additional roommates or family members to your Handy Tenant account.
  • Save videos to your Saved List to watch later.
  • Request new videos or provide helpful feedback.

*Each video has closed captioning and a downloadable transcript in English and Spanish. 

With Handy Tenant, you’ll find a list of emergency contact numbers in case you need something done immediately. You can also send and receive important messages from your landlord or property management company.

Become a Handy Tenant, and learn everything you need to know with Handy Tenant to help you with your DIY home repairs and maintenance.

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