Maintenance issues are a challenge for every landlord. The number of requests you receive increases with the number of rental units you own or manage. While you may be used to receiving common requests, from leaky faucets to clogged toilets, these requests can quickly become overwhelming and frustrating. That’s why it’s important to have the right process in place to help you handle work orders effectively and efficiently.

Handy Tenant Maintenance Requests

Stop juggling calls, emails, and texts. With Handy Tenant, you can centralize your correspondence with tenants by utilizing our Work Order and Maintenance Task resolution features.

Streamline Communication

With Handy Tenant, tenants can easily open new work orders that auto generate a detailed email form that you can use to track, manage, and follow up on maintenance request completion. Tenants can also include pictures or a brief video of the requested maintenance so Landlords can visually see what’s being requested. Upon successful completion of the work order, tenants are prompted to leave their Landlord a positive Google Review at that exact moment.

Stay Organized

Manage maintenance for all your rental units by utilizing Handy Tenant’s automated email and text message maintenance reminders for basic tasks like changing smoke detector batteries, replacing HVAC filters, and more. By watching preventative maintenance videos, submitting work orders, and performing unit maintenance, tenants will be rewarded through the Handy Tenant 5-Star Reward System for completing these tasks.

Become A Better Landlord

Handy Tenant helps you become the best landlord you can be with our work order and maintenance task features. Our comprehensive and ever-expanding content library helps reduce unit maintenance costs by providing tenants with the information they need to perform basic maintenance on their own before they need to submit a maintenance request.

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