Plan Features & Pricing

Provide your tenants with the Handy Tenant comprehensive library of how-to videos for only $1.00 per rental unit each month. You can also save money by signing up annually for the amazing price of $10 per rental unit each year. 

With Us, You’ll Get:

Landlord Features

  • Low pricing ($1/unit/month).
  • Reduce unit maintenance costs.
  • Increase tenant satisfaction.
  • Reduce tenant turnover and repair costs.
  • Reduce wear and tear on the units.
  • Important tenant/maintenance crew information.
  • Built-in reward system for tenants.
  • Built-in work order system to organize and streamline work orders
  • Informative and easy to follow videos.
  • Tenant reminders, tracking, and correspondence.
  • Unit labeling kit.
  • Easy subscription and tenant management.
  • Toolkits available for purchase.
  • Less accidents and emergencies

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Tenant Features

  • Comprehensive video how-to library.
  • The ability to stop videos and continue later on, from any device. 
  • Easy to find videos and helpful tips.
  • Emergency contact phone numbers.
  • Ability to create new work orders and include important information that your maintenance crew may need.
  • New tenant success video
  • Save videos to your Saved List to watch later.
  • Reward system for watching videos and performing maintenance tasks
  • Unit maintenance schedule for important reminders.
  • Landlord messaging and notifications. 
  • Video requests and feedback.
  • Toolkits available for purchase.
  • Each video includes downloadable transcripts in English and Spanish.

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