Regardless of the size or how many rental properties you own or manage, maintaining them can be a struggle. Not only do you need the time, resources, and tools, but you also have to work around your tenants, vendor scheduling, weather, and virus issues to get things done.  

That’s where Handy Tenant comes in. As an online tenant troubleshooting and maintenance platform, we provide a comprehensive list of video and written guides that help tenants accomplish necessary maintenance, repair, and cleaning tasks themselves. Just as you screen your rental applicants via applications and various checks, let Handy Tenant pre-screen your maintenance, repair, and cleaning work orders through our DIY content, and work order submission and tracking tools.

Our comprehensive and ever-expanding, content library helps reduce unit maintenance costs by providing tenants with the information they need to perform basic maintenance on their own. This, in turn, increases tenant satisfaction by reducing the need for time-consuming maintenance requests through a landlord or property management company and empowers tenants with the ability and pride of maintaining real property.  

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Reduce Repair & Maintenance Costs

Repair and maintenance costs can quickly reduce any landlord’s income. If you’re looking for ways to reduce these expenses, Handy Tenant provides the following solutions:

  • Informative and easy to follow videos and booklets that walk your tenants on how to handle lease required and common everyday maintenance. Toolkits are also available for purchase with everything they need to perform the tasks. 
  • Built-in emailed reminders for tenants on periodic maintenance tasks like replacing batteries in smoke detectors, replacing an HVAC filter, and cold weather preparation.
  • Utilize Handy Tenant’s simple, well-organized work order form and performance tracking tool to handle work orders more efficiently.

Additional Platform Benefits

For the low price of $1 per unit per month, Handy Tenant not only provides tenants with valuable DIY guides, but we also provide landlords with the following additional benefits:

  • Gives your maintenance crew more information on each work order.
  • Easier for tenants to provide feedback on work orders and positive Google Reviews on successful work order resolution.
  • Easy access to emergency numbers, tenants insurance, and utility providers for tenants.
  • Built-in reward system to encourage tenants to utilize Handy Tenant features.
  • Built-in work order system to organize and streamline work orders.
  • Periodic emailed maintenance reminders for tenants to complete.
  • Easy subscription management and property/tenant management.
  • Each video includes transcripts and subtitles in English and Spanish and written booklets for non-Internet users.
  • Opportunity for landlords or property managers to earn additional monthly income from tenants. In exchange for supplying a valuable educational tenant service, landlords add an “administrative markup” to monthly rent or monthly amenity packages.

Put those skills to use, empower your tenants, and lighten your maintenance requests by signing up now!

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